About Me

Hello, I'm Nikolay Talanov and I am a professional frontend idiot, welcome to my personal demos website.

Back in my days

Somewhere around 2014-2016 I used to do lots of frontend animation demos on codepen, and I even managed to get 11 demos in top 100 most liked demos of 2015. That got me lots of attention and I managed to relocate from small russian town straight to Singapore, where I spent last 7 years working in various startups.

The journey so far

  1. Spent first 4 years building dashboards for BI Tools SAAS startup, where I grew from junior into senior developer, while building new stuff and then maintaining/extending it for years.
  2. Then ended up in travel startup in early 2020, right before travelling became unpopular for some unknown reason.
  3. After that joined another startup, which was acquired a half-year later by company with 12 hours timezone difference, so you can guess the rest.
  4. Aaaaand then I managed to join web3 startup in early 2022, just a few months before whole industry started going down in flames. We managed to do like 4 pivots with various products and in the end we didn't made it (NGMI), so company is shutting down.
  5. Started at a new place at the end of August 2023, the story continues...

You can contact me via: